Gayle Ganser (Owner)

Market Staff

Gayle and her husband Steve started Eagle Point in 1987. At the market you can find her helping customers with plant ideas, and design or sharing recipes or ways to cook their delicious veggies. Look for Gayle if you have any plant related questions or concerns. She will be able to help you.


Monica Berghold (Owner/Social Media &Marketing Manager)

Market Staff

Monica is Steve and Gayle's daughter and has been working for them since high school.  After finishing college Monica moved to Philadelphia and pursued her Masters Degree in Higher Education. Upon graduating from Drexel she moved back to the Kutztown area.  In 2018, she came back to the business full time and became one of the owners of the Market, in hopes go another 30+ years with the business.  Monica manages our social media in addition to her customer service and display work at the market.  Look for Monica if you have any questions or concerns while shopping with us. She is great at customer service and is ready to help in anyway she can. 

Steve Ganser (Owner)

Farm Staff

Steve is owner along with his wife Gayle. He runs the entire farm and greenhouse operation in Kutztown.

Cooper Linus Ganser (Customer Service/Mascot)

Farm Staff

Our #1 pooch. Tries his best to keep the deer under control. Brings comic relief to our hard working staff. Couldn't have a better mascot!

We miss our sweet boy! RIP PUP ❤