Our Greenhouses

A sneak into our greenhouses, when they are full with plants in the Spring!

Greenhouse #1

This greenhouse is where you can find our Farmer, Steve, during planting season and winter!

This greenhouse holds all of our geraniums, geranium hanging baskets, fuschia & begonia baskets, a lot of vegetable seedlings, second plantings of vegetables and various annual seedlings (yes, we start some of our annuals by seed! - Celosia, zinnias, salvia, nicotianas and more!)

Outside of the greenhouse you can see some of the first plantings of vegetable plants, getting them ready to come into the market or plant into the fields!

This is also where the poinsettias and wreath making are during the Christmas Season!


Greenhouse #2

This is where you can most likely find Monica during planting Season!
Here you will find more hanging baskets! Impatiens, Other Shade baskets, pouches etc.
This greenhouse also holds Succulents/sedums, herbs, coleus, gallon plants, vines, perennials and when items need to be moved for space, they tend to come to this greenhouse.
In the fall, when plants come back from the market. A lot of them end up here, get cleaned up/cut back and overwintered in this greenhouse!

Greenhouse #3

Aka Gayle's Greenhouse where she can be found throughout planting season!
This is where a majority of the calibrachoa hanging baskets reside, along with the purslane baskets.
This greenhouse is known for all of the annuals, and when those start clearing out then the vegetable plants that Steve has seeded start to move into here.
This is our larger greenhouse and we pack it to the brim with plants!

*Fun Fact: This greenhouse is where Monica & her husband's wedding reception took place in 2020, of course with out all the plants!