Featured Plants

Each week we will be featuring a different plant that we have for sale at the Market!

 One of the best parts about Eagle Point is our different varieties of plants that we carry, we are able to do this because we grow it all our own! 


::A Look at Our Perennial Plants::

We have 3 types of Agastache at the market! You may have seen them blooming or even smelled them when you have walked into the sales yard!

Agastache "Kudos Coral" 
Has warm coral colored plumes & has a sweet hone-mint scent to it. 
Also known as Darf Hummingbird Mint
Full Sun, Blooms Summer-Fall
Height 16-18"


Agastache "Tango" 
Hot red orange trumpet shaped blooms, similar to the Kudos Coral. Very vibrant flowers! 
Attract Hummingbirda, butterflies and bees. 
The foliage of these can be added to teas, salads and drinks for sweetly spicy flavor! 
Full Sun, Blooms Summer-Fall
Height: 12-14"


Agastache "Blue Spike" 
These are a little bit different.. 
Also known as Anise Hyssop Blue Spike or Licorice Mint
It is a flowering perennial herb with violet blue flowers that bloom summer to fall. 
With a minty fragrance, they attract bees, hummingbirds & butterflies. 
It can be established in your regular garden or herb garden. It is great as a perennial border or in a pot!
Also can be used as a cut flower. 
Full Sun 
Height: 24"

Each of these are drought tolerant and enjoy well drained soil. They all can be planted in your gardens or in pots!



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