What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and was born in Europe and Japan when consumers became concerned about food quality and safety.  Since its introduction to the US in the late 1970's, it has grown significantly.  According to Local Havest (localharvest.org), there were 50 CSA farms in 1990 compared to over 2200 today nationwide. 

Members of a CSA commit to a farmer by purchasing shares or subscriptions early in the season in exchange for a season of fresh, locally grown produce and farm products.  Members share the risk of farming including crop damage or loss due to wildlife, pests, or weather events. Members also share in the abundance of certain products available in a  season as well as the lack of certain products. CSAs do not guarantee any particular variety or amount of any given crop due to the risks involved in growing fruits and vegetables.  CSA members often know their farmer and make a connection with them by volunteering their time or by participating in farm events or pot luck dinners.


For the 2019 season we are only offering CSA shares to members of St. Lukes Hospital. Our apologies, we may open up to the public at some time in the future.