Christmas/Winter Season


Christmas Trees

We carry only locally grown trees. Fresh-cut. Tree wrapping, drilling, and fresh cuts are all free of charge services. Trees range in height from 5 foot to 9 foot. They start arriving the day before Thanksgiving. Douglas Fir, and Fraser Fir



Our wreathes are all handmade at the farm. Sizes range from 10"ring/18"finish to 16"ring/28"finish.

**Larger sizes are available by special order. Large orders should be placed in early November if possible.

All our greens are fresh and local. Wreathes are sold plain or decorated.

**Decorated wreathes are by order, usually finished within a few days. You may choose the wreath, ribbon and decoration to go on your wreath.



All locally grown, sizes range from 4"single stem to 10" branched. Colors vary, red, white, pink, marble, jingle bells, monet, peppermint, sprayed, plum, burgundy, etc. Wrapping and sleeving are free services.


We make our own logs with fresh local greens and decorate them with juniper, incense cedar, boxwood, white pine, white birch branches and a small bow. The sizes are S:10", M:12" L:14" XL:24" These logs go quick, if you need multiples please order before hand!

Gift Baskets

Our specialty is custom-made gourmet gift baskets. We have a huge selection of handmade baskets that may be filled with everything from fruit, veggies, homemade baked goods and candies, pastas, homemade jams and salsa, and snacks. You are welcome to include a special present, bottle of wine or homemade gift of your own to personalize the basket.



Open House


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