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Marketing Manager Conference

Posted 2/25/2011 1:45pm by Gayle Ganser.

Monday, February 21st Tina and I traveled yet again through a bit of a snow storm to Lancaster, PA for a marketing managers conference sponsored by Penn State Extension.  Lots of people, good breakfast and great lunch. My philosophy is that if you walk away from a conference with just one good idea it was well worth it. This day started out very slowly. Tina attended two workshops and I attended two different ones. When we met for lunch neither of us had gotten our "one good idea" yet.  I was a bit worried that our time might have been wasted at this conference. But, alas, after lunch Tina sat through a retail display workshop and I sat through a money matters and SNAP( the new food stamp program) workshop. Tina made up for time by getting not one but many new ideas. I also pulled some good info from my talks. The end of the day was the keynote speaker, a business coach. He was interesting, informative and got you thinking. So as we drove home, a still dreary day, we decided we learned quite a bit and now have many great ideas to implement at the store this spring.