2017Membership Agreement

2017 Membership Agreement

Eagle Point Farm Membership  Agreement 2017 Growing Season

By signing this contract I understand that payment for a full or half share to Eagle Point Farm entitles me to 18 weeks of produce beginning approximately mid-June through mid October, 2017. This is a commitment between myself and Eagle Point Farm and I recognize that I will share in the risks of the growing season, including natural disasters/crop failure/pestilence, along with other members and  the grower. Eagle Point Farm will provide vegetables and fruits  grown on our farm in Kutztown along with other local growers of fruits, whose quality and growing practices have been accepted by Eagle Point Farm.  It is my responsibility to pick up my share at the designated drop off in a timely manner. I have the option to pay the entire 20 week amount upfront or have $17 per half share and $34 per full share  deducted from my weekly payroll each of the eighteen weeks I am committed.  In regards to my absence the day of pick up, I agree to appoint someone to pick up my order or notify the coordinator of my absence.  If I do not pick up or appoint someone to do so I forfeit my share for that week.  Any amounts deducted from my payroll are non-refundable.

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Eagle Point Farm
477 Hottenstein Road
Kutztown, PA 19530